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Like most of the general public, I love a great show. And every four years, the Olympics typically provides some of the best entertainment and overall experiences this world has to offer; regardless of if you’re lucky enough to compete or not. That said, the politics of where these great events are held may be reaching dangerous levels. Although I have never visited South America, the recent controversies, from the Zika virus to the general pollution in Rio could cause anyone to worry.

Although I wasn’t lucky enough to attend the games this year, this time in particular, watching from afar was fine by me. Just recently Ryan Lochte, the highly decorated American swimmer, was apparently robbed at gun point. Given the celebrity nature of Lochte, this reached worldwide news. Imagine how many other incidents are occurring to normal spectators.

This all leads me to the idea of having some form of insurance protection when traveling; especially when it happens to be in high traffic areas such as Rio during the 2016 Olympics. The best way may be to purchase travel insurance, primarily for any health related problems you may encounter while abroad. Note that health policies typically do not include benefits when you travel, thus, supplementation with travel insurance is typically the best move. Another place you can find coverage may be with your homeowners / renters policy. Coverage is typically provided for personal property while traveling.

The coverage thus far of the Olympics show that South America, and Rio in particular, is doing a great job hosting such a large event. That said, if you’re attending, or when you travel in general, make sure you’re covered!