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The summer is coming to a close, and along with the fall ushering in better weather, it also brings the highlight of the sporting season (from a professional and collegiate perspective). Football is on deck, with hockey and basketball approximately 1-1.5 months away. You couple that with baseball winding up and a summer filled with the incredible Olympics, and you have a span of about 2 – 6 months of shear athletic bliss. Like most non-professional athletes, or mere fans of a sport, I tend to look at games and allow them to conjure up a bit of excitement. That excitement then undoubtedly manifests itself in fantasy football, laps in the local pool, or better yet, joining sports team such as flag football.

This enthusiasm that often leads fans to become more active seems harmless enough. However, there’s another side to the story. During my time in corporate life I’ve had the unfortunate experience of seeing friends and colleagues return to the office in a sling, or with a boot of some sort. It typically coincides with the fall season, and undoubtedly is due to the recent joining of a recreational hockey, soccer or football team. Now I certainly feel that becoming more active is generally a great idea, especially given its health benefits. That said, it often comes with its risks.

These risks are epitomized in the recreational sport of flag football. I used to allow my enthusiasm for football season to lead me to joining the neighborhood flag football team, until I began to see injuries occur on the field. As fun as throwing the pigskin around and the camaraderie built on the sideline with your teammates are, the risk of typing this article with one hand, because the other is in a cast, is too great. Needless to say, I stick to fantasy football now a day. This risk brought on by becoming a bit more active, makes it absolutely essential that you have proper health coverage. Whether it be through your firm, or personally, if you do choose to join the local rec team, please make sure you’re properly covered. Just in case you go down trying to make an Odell Beckham-esque style of catch. Best of luck, and Happy Sporting Season!